External Beauty is Impossible Without Interior Balance

Massada is a new concept in the world of beauty and personal care. Tradition and innovation are combined in a unique working method and in exclusive natural products which are created from the best of what nature has to offer.


Inspired by Nature

Massada has a wide range of effective and extremely high-tolerance products which are devoted to your skin’s needs, to its health, beauty and wellbeing, and to respecting the natural environment that we live in and that in turn provides us with life.

All of the formulas contain a high concentration of natural ingredients of vegetable and mineral origin. The extracts are prepared from the highest-quality plants and minerals using processes that have been approved by ECOCert, in this way preserving the active ingredients in their purest state. These painstakingly produced extracts are an essential part of all of the cosmetics because they represent the soul of Massada products.

The synergistic mix of plant extracts, vitamins, Dead Sea salts and muds, BIO essential oils and floral waters creates a versatile and multi-sensory cosmetic product for the maintenance, regeneration and bio stimulation of the skin and the prolongation of its youth.

Massada’s membership of the Ecoembes organisation enables us to care for the environment. We use recycling to transform our packaging into new primary materials.

As nature enters the heart of Massada, each and every one of its elements is worked with care so that nature’s life force bursts forth in every product that customers receive.


ECOCERT Certification

National Association of Perfumes and Cosmetics (STANPA)

ISO 9001:2008 “Good Manufacturing Practices”

ISO 22716:2007 “Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices”

ISO 14001:2004 "Environmental Management System"


Massada has rigorous quality control systems in place to ensure that only premium-quality products are released onto the market. The most important aim is to ensure safety and traceability throughout the entire production chain, monitoring all processes ranging from supplier accreditation criteria to exhaustive quality control of the finished product and delivery to clients based on rigorous quality control standards.

Massada has its own laboratory and works together with external laboratories in order to guarantee the control of all parameters involved in the process. The Massada laboratory philosophy is based around the development of unique and exclusive products which, under rigorous quality control systems, ensure the safety and efficacy of treatments and the launch of excellent-quality products onto the market.


  1. ECOCERT Certification: the organisational body providing certification in the sustainable development of natural and ecological cosmetics. In order for a cosmetic product to be considered natural and ecological, 95% of all of its natural ingredients must have an ecological certification. This guideline regulates everything from the preparation of each ingredient to labelling and packaging.
  2. Member of the National Association of Perfumes and Cosmetics (STANPA).
  3. Within the areas of research, manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic products and treatments, Massada complies with the good manufacturing practice guidelines set out in the: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPS) regulation and the 22716:2007 “Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPS) regulation, which deals specifically with cosmetic products.
  4. In addition to this, Massada is strongly committed to the environment, ensuring compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 regulation.


Massada carefully selects all of the natural and mineral primary materials used in the manufacture of products and prepares the magistral formulas based on an understanding of each active ingredient and its actions on the skin. The high quality of these primary materials gives the products differential qualities, resulting in highly effective treatments.

The secret of Massada cosmetics is the blending of biotechnology, authenticity and environmental sustainability.

Biotechnology makes it possible to use active vegetable ingredients in high concentrations, starting with ingredients present in nature which are treated by biological systems using technological engineering. As an example, Massada uses ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, curcuma longa and Jania Rubens in its exclusive formulas.

Authenticity is a hallmark of all of the extracts, which are prepared using artisan methods in Massada’s own laboratory. To this end, almost one hundred plants have been carefully studied in order to select the essential elements of each one of these (leaves, stems, roots, fruits or seeds). This has made it possible to create over 150 extracts which guarantee the optimum concentration of active ingredients in formulas and thus enable the development of multiple cosmetic functions for bringing out a healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.

Environmental sustainability is reflected in Massada’s commitment to the earth: the company promotes the conservation of natural resources while at the same time fostering progress in human development through caring for the environment around us. One example of this can be seen in the selection of Massada ingredients, such as Pentaclethra macroloba oil from the Amazon, ensuring the conservation of flora in that region.

In addition to ingredients of this kind, Massada adds vegetable butters and oils to its formulas, as well as essential oils which lend products a unique aroma. Discover the long list of ingredients that Massada products contain: “Search our natural cosmetics”


Massada invests in research, creating its own Research, Development and Innovation department made up of professionals from the biochemical and pharmaceutical fields. The R+D+I department is in charge of the development of new cosmetic products created to meet skin’s every need. Continuous study and the ceaseless search for primary materials with which to innovate and improve products make the development of creative and innovative cosmetic products possible. 

In its formulations Massada uses the highest-quality ingredients originating from organic biotechnology and the company’s own natural and sustainable extraction to provide clients with visible results.  The activity of the extracts is studied in prestigious universities, making it possible to create the optimum concentration of each extract in the products.

In addition to a minute analysis of the composition of each formula, the research, development and innovation department works hand-in-hand with clinical and in vitro evaluation centres to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its cosmetic products, with the goal of providing clients with the best product on the market in this field.


Massada is currently present in over 20 countries and its products can be found in 3,000 establishments in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. With over 200 products, Massada is a leader in natural cosmetics, thanks to its highly effective range of products formulated from the best that nature has to offer.


Treatments and procedures are applied following the Ecoa™ Method and are internationally patented. The treatment methods themselves and the Massada philosophy combine real and sustainable results with sensations of wellbeing and internal balance. The combination of our unbeatable range of products, used in professional hands, guarantees tangible and long-lasting results.


Massada considers continuous training in products, massages, treatments and innovative techniques to be a fundamental and transversal cornerstone of the company philosophy. Providing professional development tools and added value is an essential part of the Massada approach. To this end, Massada provides training programmes on a national and international level, giving different courses to meet the needs of the professional cosmetics industry.


Massada Institutes are a new concept in the world of beauty and personal care. The Massada Institute is a magical place where tradition and innovation are brought together in one unique working method, and in exclusive natural products which are derived from the best of what nature has to offer.

In the Institutes, beauty is considered on a holistic basis which enables the personalization of each treatment for the maximum benefits and results. Massada’s exclusive treatments help every person to reach their full physical, mental and emotional potential. The success of Massada Institutes is based on experience in a compendium of natural therapies, strengthened by a human team that works tirelessly to develop new treatments for the care of the face and the body.